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Diy Tsport Springs


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I've got these springs waiting to go on my car, hopefully it'll reduce the 4x4 look a little and may even improve the handling! :o

so the question is, how hard is it to fit these tpsort springs I have?

I know that knightrider has done it himeself, there must be others? :blink:

I can't really cough up 60 quid at the moment to have them done by the local garage so this seemed a better option, even if I do get some bruised fingers! :(

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its very easy mate, if you've got the confidence a car is nothing but a big lego kit :)

You will however need a set of spring comporessors.

I keep meaning to write a guide for my site on how to swap springs on a car... but have no pics from when I last one!!!!! if you were nearer I'd say bring it down........

I'm not sure what the suspension is like ona yaris.. but on most cars (mk3 supras are buggers lol) jack her up, take the wheels off... undo the shocks bottom bolt (s) undo any ABS/brake lines attached to it... undo the 3/4 top shock bolts (you'l see em under the bonnet....) entire shock stru lifts out.....compress the springs, undo the top nut (best loosen it while its on the car!) swap the coils then replace...... sounds so easy lol... if ya get stuck email me, or ask on my forums :)

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exactly what karma said for the fronts

for the rears jack it up - put the spring compressors on the original ones - and remove - release spring comps - compress TS springs - place back in spring cups under car and release compressor

peace of ubik dont even need to unbolt anything

the fronts can be tricky and youll be best with a 2nd pair of mitts and a barrage of swear words.

be careful with the strut top bolts aswell as they can be tight and round off easy :o

youll also to do the job best - dismantle all the scuttle panel and metal tray under the wipers


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thanks guys that's a great help :thumbsup: :group-cuddles:

the local garage is only asking 50quid to do all four springs, it'd cost me that to buy the spring compressors... i don't know anyone nearby with compressors either :(

This guy has been servicing our cars for years and years now, he does good work and we trust him so I might as well just get 50 quid spare and send it to him!

It's useful to know how to do stuff like this anyway so your efforts aren't wasted lads! thanks again :yes:


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If you get the chance to be there while he does the work watch what he does so you'll know for next time - even better and if he's agreeable take some pics of the various stages for future reference.

I wish I'd taken my own advice and taken my digicam along when my son changed my springs for me - yes I'm that old :crybaby:

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soudns like yaris front is like regular car.. I only done it 3 times and can do it in 15 minsa corner.. sounds likea yaris rear is 5 mins work!!!!!

50 is an easy way out (lets face it a tank of petrol!) but its an easy job... compressors are a tenner at most??? once you done this you'll have broken the "confidence" barrier with working on cars.. and will be more willing to do other things in the future.. your choice fella!!!!!!

I'd suggest gettinga local mate to "help you out doing it" (i.e. he/she does it, you watch, learn and play dogs body) that way you'll see its all likea big radiocontrolled car at the end of the day!!!! :thumbsup:

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it really is laughable on how easy the back springs are to do!

just remembered that its dead tricky to undo the nut on top of the strut that holds the mounting plate on and your supposed to use a special socket of some sort.

the lad who helped me had one of these but i didnt really look at what he was doing at that point


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