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My Baby Is Back ..


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New tyres and disks (and digi camera to take pics) .. I can pop up this week Matt .. would need directions though ..

Trying to think what I need from you guys .. know I want the looms ..

Fancy doing a bit of work on my rear wiring loom while I'm there?

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Oh - and I've now got a speedo that works :o

Aparently the leccy speed converter had dropped a b0llock and needed to be re-soldered.

Also an oil change and a new alternator belt (couldn't be bothered to do it myself) ..

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would it be easy to remove the box below that?

No .. it's actually a part of the floor pan and isn't square to the car (it actually curves in towards the bottom ..

i'm sure we can take a look at the wiring and sort something out...

I wanna get the Jap spec 4 lights working under side/brakes etc .. and the inside two as fogs and the reflectors with side lights ..

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shouldn't be too difficult, patricks quite good at that sort of thing and i'm sure I can get the reflectors to mate with the bulb holders i've got. Let me know when your coming and i'll make sure we have some nice biscuits in!

M. :thumbsup:

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