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Not Bad At All


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Just had a Yaris as a free car while mine was in the garage .. a white 1.0 litre

Quite fun .. need to stiffen it up and double the power .. but a good about town runner (quite scary on the motorway though)

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at the end of the day it's only a 1.0 m8, a quick 1.0 though.

if you want low down torque you need to get the turbo conversion about 4 grand, might as well have a Tsport for that...

the answer to low down torque is... don't drive it low down :D

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heh heh .. I just found motorway junctions a scary place to be, and yeah it's only a 1.0.

I must admit I got back into my MR2 and was thinking "where is my digi dash & trip computer?" - but I then booted it up the dual carrageway and 260 ft/lb or torque made me forget about the lack of technology ..

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