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C1 Motorsportz Bodykit


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I bought the C-ONE GT carbon bonnet with vent, and it cost me 600 squids and about 5 months of my life having to wait for it to come from Japan!!!

Anyway, I think they're nice bits if you want something a little different and harder to get hold of.

Once you whack on the price of transportation, you're looking at a lot more money than the prices quoted on TUNEACAR website - just to warn you ;)


Pav :crybaby:

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hey thnx Jaxx!

man! so wanna get da whole bodykit..

how can it b so expensiv wen da parts are only splitters?

o yeh pavlitos, is da bonnet actually carbon fiber?

cos it doesnt look like it in da fotoz..

r u goin 4 da whole C1 bodykit???

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Hi AlaNgo

Yes, the bonnet is really made from carbon fibre - this is why it takes them a while to come over, as they are made to order by C-ONE. Carbon fibre isn't a cheap material to use, so even if they are just splitters, they still cost a fair bit.

That's the novelty of having carbon fibre bits, is that you won't see them on every other car you see, as they are crazy prices!



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