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1998 Rav 4 Non Starter


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my rav 4 has been out of action for a while now because if fails to start ,the car has power as i have replaced Battery but it wont even try to turn over,when you turn the key all the lights on the dash go of and nothing happens other than the hazards flash and a bleeping noise when putting the key in

please help as this has been sitting on my drive fot 9 mths now :angry:

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sounds to me you replaced it with a dead Battery , try bump starting it , have someone tow you around the block and let out the clutch with ign on . see what happens

the hazards flash and a bleeping noise when putting the key in - this is power going back to the alarm on turning the key , its possible the immobiliser is stuck on ,. defo try another Battery or use some jumper leads on someone elses car .

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Or perhaps faulty starter motor?

The dimming of the lights suggests that the juice is going somewhere - which either means, as the Booster said above, that the Battery just doesn't have enough power, or else the electrickery's there but the motor can't turn for some other reason.

I don't think it's an immobiliser problem because if it were I believe turning the key would just have no effect.

Booster's suggestions should help you determine whether it's the Battery, or the starter circuit itself.

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