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Installing New Radio - How Do I Take Apart Dash?


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bought my 4runner used.

already has an aftermarket deck installed (JVC).

its a POS - so I bought a new deck.

there already is a dash kit for the other deck, but i dont know how to go about actually taking apart the dash in order to get the old deck out?

do i even need to take apart the dash to get the radio out?

how do i do this?

ill be installing the deck tomorrow (wed) i know this maybe short notice.

id appreciate any kind of help, pics, links on how to's, whatever.


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Here's the procedure for the 3rd Gen Radio Removal.

Remove two screws from inside Armrest cubby floor at rear of centre console.

Remove two screws from sides of front edge of centre console rear section.

Move this rear section backwards about 1 inch.

Lift the rear edge of the panel (wood) surrounding the gear and 4wd levers, and move rearwards about 1 inch. If you have an auto it will help to take it out of Park (using that little red button every newbie wonders about)

Pull off slider knobs from heater controls.

Heater control facia must now be prised off, this is tricky and will break easily so have the superglue ready.

With this facia off, remove the two screws securing the centre dash panel (wood surround).

The main centre dash panel can now be removed, this will pull straight off, grip at the bash and pull gently.

The radio and/or pocket assembly is secured with two (four ?) screws, and is now easily accessible

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The one with pictures is a 2nd gen Surf , and for some reason the dash has been cut , but you shouldn't need to do that , also the wheel being on the other side will not be a problem , any more questions just ask , I will be on here most of the day .

Good Luck .

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I hit Simons site (the one Andy was talking about) and after tearing my hair out twice i was told that the glovebox has to be removed as well as the panel below the steering wheel to get the center dash panel off (on a 2nd gen '89 - '95?). When both these were moved away, refitting was a doddle. Then the left speaker gave up the ghost :ffs:

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