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Nice Site "long Live The Yaris"


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just to say...that although i have been with the company for 2 years.....

i never knew about this site.......

its always refreshing to here peoples views and oppinons...

and most are not bad (well if this was renualt, vauxall, ford, rover, citreon....etc.etc. it would all be bad )....lol lol :D :D :D :D

and although i get to drive most cars...

i love my own t sport most.......

keep it coming.......


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Hi chuckles

welcome to the club mate. So you enjoy the site :D Yes it's a friendly place to hang out and just talk about class motors all night. So you work for Toyota. What side of the job do you do. Sales, mechanic, production?? Anyway nice to have you aboard :thumbsup:


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oooops think ive said to much and dont want to jepordize anything.......

all i will say is ive had an SR....loved it....but wanted the power.....

got my new T sport (in fact for the missus)... a few months ago....love it....

fun to drive.....and dont you just get a statisfation of red lining it...whist you go past that silly festa or nova...haha....

and the day that they doo release a t sport turbo...ill be the first to by....

thanks... :thumbsup:

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