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Yaris Deisel


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I've just bought a 2005 Yaris 1.4D T3 and am really pleased with it. I was a bit surprised to find that the advertised "trip computer" only displays average mileage on this car. I did try and have a play around with it whilst having a test drive but there were other things I needed to look at too, so the trip computer didn't get that much attention at the time. Is this normal for this model of Yaris or is my trip computer a duff one?!! :(

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I think the mark 1 yaris D4D doesn't display any mpg figures at all but the mark 2 does, havent found out why yet but agree its really annoying as you'd think the diesel would be the model to display mpg on even more!


Thanks for the response. It really is annoying.... can't brag about the good mpg now!!! :eek:

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The (Mk 1) D4D doesn't show the MPG info. I think I read here once that it was something to do with the fuel contents sensors which are required to do the calculations are not fitted in the diesel.

My way is to;

Fill up

Reset trip 'A'

run car to one or two bars remaining

fill up

divide miles on trip 'A' by number of litres put in

Multiply by 4.54


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Best solution?


Gives me more functions than I can possibly shake a stick at and sits very neatly above my steering wheel. Should be just under £100 and is transferable from car to car. Worth every penny!



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