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Demise Of The 5sfe


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Well I got a story for u guys since u haven't heard from me in a while. I hv been really busy with school and stuff. So I was getting on the highway last night to see my girlfriend and I was trying to hurry up and get there so I accelerated hard from the stop at the light. I smoked the tires through 1st and barked 2nd. In third at like 85 I suddenly felt the car *****, and I smelled the sharp smell of burnt oil. I downshifted back to 2nd, cause I had slowed down quite a bit and the engine completely died on me. The entire car turned off rolling at like 50mph. I was ****** off b/c I knew something serious was up. I pulled off the highway onto the side and checked to see what was up. I had seen a hose loose and put it back on but still I could not get the car to start. I waited for a while, and just my luck that my damn cell phone went dead. I had to walk down the highway for like a mile, and then some dude gave me a ride to my girlfriends house. I really think the 5SFE has had it this time. I can't afford the 3SGTE right at this moment, b/c I am sure that I am not putting in another 5SFE. But maybe the parents will help me in this dilema, cause I just don't hv the dollars right now. So I guess its all good cause maybe this situation will allow me to get the 3SGTE quicker :D Also I got some really good newsmy parents have informed me that when I graduate they will buy me the 4th gen Supra TT. I can't wait, I will still keep the Celica, cause the Supra won't be my everyday driver. Stock hp from the Supra TT=320hp :P :P

So thats what I hv bn up to lately.

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Hey hey join the club, im going to be getting a Supra TT also!

Im starting to reach the limits of the stock internals of the 3sgte and have decided that rather than invest money into an engine which would be between 400-500bhp im going to sell up and get the supra.

I never realised but the stock internals will take 500bhp :eek::lol:

Change the turbo's for a hybird HKS and its easy 500bhp without having to do anything else! (Apart from raise boost and remove the fuel cut)

Not that im saying i dont like the 3sgte anymore, its just that with supra's being as cheap as they are they have way more potential.

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Yeah I hv realized that 1JZGTE engine is truly a beast and can provide a reliable daily driver even at like 500hp. I can not wait until I get one, but for now I guess the Celica will do. Yeah the 93-97 Supra TT's are not all that expensive, just make sure it is in good condition before u get it. Dodge Vipers beware cause truly u will get smoked as soon as I get my Supra TT :yes:

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