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My Mk1 Mr2 V6 Supercharged


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Hi all, The time has come for me to move on and sell the mk1! I want to get the mk2 up and running again as soon as possible and can't do this due to a lack of space, I also realize that I REALLY don't need two 2 seater cars.

These are the latest pictures I have of the car, nothings changed since these were taken and she still looks just as great:



I apologise for this photo, my mate took it and obvioulsy mirrored it, hence the harness on the wrong side and the the "Sparco" writing back to front.



I am looking for a fixed price of £3500, I feel this is fair due to the amount of work that has gone into the car and the fact that just about every part on the car has been upgraded to new/ better quality parts.

For anyone that wishes to know even more about the transplant and other info please see this thread:


I also have most of the standard interior trim, 5 original teardrop wheels, a 6psi pulley for the supercharger and various other bits and pieces that will be thrown into the sale.

Thanks guys/gals.

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I think I'm actually going crazy! I really want the mk2 back on the road and I just don't have the space or time for this one anymore.

On another note, we definately need to meet up for a few beers soon dude! I'll check the meet section for you guys and see if I can jump down for one or two, Its been too long.

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