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Ticking Sound From Left Front And Rattling While Accelerating


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Hi to all,

I have the following problem the last year with my 2003 avensis...

If i'm stopped and i accelerate i hear a ticking sound (possibly) from left front...

This doesn't happen again unless i stop suddenly and i accelerate again...

Additionally to this i have a rattling sound when I accelerate with 2nd gear in a small hill...

I've been to service a couple of times they change some parts but this keeps happening.....

Any Idea??

Thanks in advance,......

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Hi, sorry it's nothing to do with locking the car, if you turn the steering wheel all the way left that's full left lock, all the way to the right is full right lock.

If you move the car with either full left or full right and you hear a "clicking/sharp tapping sound"do it again the opposite way if the sound seems to move left/right or vice versa it may meen the joints are dry boots are split or just worn out.

Hope this helps

MOUNTAINMAN :baaa::baaa::baaa::baaa::baaa::baaa:

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Sounds like pinking to me - do you just get it when the engine is under certain load ?

Just a guess but do you always use supermarket fuel ? If not you might need the spark retarding - I'm no expert but someone may come along shortly . . . .

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