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Anyone For A Project Car....


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Well had the results from Mr T today about my celica convertible and its not good...

Both the brake and fuel lines are badly corroded and need replacing, due to the corrosion they are not sure of the end bill so am deciding whether to scrap the old girl even though she is a bit of a rare....

If anybody would like her and can arrange pick up i'ld like to send her to a good home....

Drop me a pm or email....


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possibly another 2 although have been speaking with a neighbour and as money is in short supply at the moment I may be going for a cheaper option and I hate to say t not a Toyota :(

Am considring an MR2 from someone but my neighbour also has a 200SX which he is going to put through an MOT today anyway, if it passes would be looking at a car he wants rid of for silly money so may be swayed to another jap car for a while until I can afford an MR2.

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wouldnt have thought brake and fuel lines would be too expensive to replace,most cars around that age need some doing nearly every mot time.

surely it would be worth going to a non toyota garage to get a price on it.

or even cheaper if you have some way of lifting the car up do it yourself,just make sure you use the proper tool for shaping and flanging the pipework

good luck with it

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ryan dont do it.

as oldtoyotasrule said go to a non toyota garage to get em done shouldnt cost much more than £100 incl labour or if you can spare the time to travel to notts i can do em for ya

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