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5th Gen Clear Indicators Finally Arrived!


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:eek:  :drool:

Where? And how much!

I must have these!


I'll post up the details later mate...when i finally get home...

The set cost me £60 inc posting and packing... the guy who i got 'em from imports 'em over from the US and then sells them here...

He is the only person i found in the UK who supplied them... He sells on E-Bay and has a very good rating as he has 100% good feeback... :thumbsup: but you can buy the set direct from him if you contact him on his e-mail...

the guys name is Martin and it was a very smooth and quick transaction when i sent a cheque to him...

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Similar looking lights cost me £24 including postage from the States from a seller on EBay called JJ's Wholesale.

They're not E marked tho... See the pic on my thread for comparison.

nice ride firstly... :thumbsup:

secondly... i would rather pay more to buy within the UK so it would be a lot easier to sort out any problems with the transaction... +

once you pay the cheap prices in the US the shippin almost doubles the cost anyway... so not worth the bother for someone like me who wants an easy transaction...

everyone to their own... B)

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Thanks Fizz! But which one ;) , the old or the new...

Know what you mean. I was dubious about buying from the states but I was recommended them by someone.

Shipping did nearly double the cost, but still came out as £24 and they were with me within 10 days, so pretty good service I'd say.

Always wonder if things are really going to arrive tho...

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Hi, where did you get those nice indicators from?

Do you know if they make them for the 6gen?

I have been trying to find someone who makes them for the 6gen celica for ages,,They even look like they might fit?

sorry mate but he only gets 5th gen lights...and they are defo different to the 6th gen from what i can remember..

I know a couple of 6th gen owners who have to do a DIY job to clear them...

search this forum for it.. you should find a couple of threads..

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