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V Nice Avensis Seen In Warrington


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Brand spankin new one in black with black tints chromed 18s Rather large arches and smoothed door handles and skirts oh and a nice sounding zorst

Seen on a49 warrick road in warrington past the firestation.

I was surveying on the central reservation and herad a v nice sound n tuned round n there was this stopped waiting to turn into maccy ds car park.

Some nice cars around, seen alot as ben surveying there for ages doin it from the round about down opast the jag garage to m62.

Ya may see me ill be wearing a hi viz jacket and standing behind a theodolite on a tripod.

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If you want my opinion, I prefer the old shape Avensis (Just like the one I have sat on the Driveway). I think the new ones look too much like Passats or :o Vectra's, I guess it's the "in" shape at the mo, but it looks too business like for me.

God, I bet it's lovely weather at the mo to be out surveying! I tried it once when I was 16 as part of work experience in the lakes. 1 Afternoon and I couldn't feel my feet :wacko: .

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If im correct 'proper' surveyors dont sense hot or cold

They are pretty immune to climate, at site meetings you can be sat in a hut, freezing your nads off and wrapped up, in walks a surveyor, shirt on, no coat and the trademark rolled p sleeves! :thumbsup:

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Im a newbie to it but getting used to the cold now so just waerin hi viz jacket a a tshirt.

Some of the once i work with wont shut up about their special boots and wat equipment they profer to use. Then theres the good sort who ya get on with and dont talk about work.

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