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Original Or Slightly Lowered Springs


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Hi All

Have been driving round in my 185 for a year now and the rediculously low ride hide is starting to ***** me off (60mm+ lowered) :angry2: . Can any one recomend a good set up on the suspention that isnt rock hard and isnt to expensive or should i go back to stock setting.

cheers olly

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Hi Mate,

Brand new stock springs and shocks from toyota will be around £150 per corner at least, but to be honest you'd be lucky to get change from £800 i'd wager. (Ive looked into getting brand new suspention for my ST202 from Toyota.... Ouch!).

You could get KYB Shocks & Eibach Springs for about £500 which would be about a 30-35mm drop.

Or you could Get Koni Adjustables and Eibach springs (Rear turrets need welding work doing to them first apparantly) for about £650ish

D2's are a possiblity, would'nt like to guess at a price though. These are quite harsh though, i've been told.

Teins, £850 including uprated upper mounts, Excellent Ride quality, adjusts from -12mm to -65mm.

I would personally avoid Spax, Apex, H&R, G-Max etc.

On a further note,

If your interested in going stock i'll have a set of standard shocks and springs (In perfect working order) by the end of december / early January as i'm have work done to my 185 and i've got some teins on order. I doubt it makes any differance but they will be off a 1992 JDM Widebody ST185 Import.

If your interested let me know, and we'll work out a fair price.

Hope this Helps



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