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Thought I'd say from accross the ocean in Canada. Got a New '04 Echo HB RS, which translates roughly to a Yaris (new styling), I think.

It's a 1.5l 5spd 5dr version. I've been reading posts here since I bought it. Not too many companies have much for them out here since the USA doesn't get the model, and since they've been around in Europe for a few years I'm glad I can learn from some people who've had them for a bit.

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What sideskirts are those? THey aren't the factory ones that came on mine..... Did you get the factory spoiler or a different one. The nicest thing between the LE and RS for me was the leather wrapped wheel, which fetches something like 1800 from toyota as a replacement part. :o

Yours looks lower. <_<

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the side skirts are the one in option from toyota...

as for the hood deflector....

its hard acrylic very popular here in north america....

its an other option from toyota....

some call it a bonet deflector

hood deflector

bug deflector etc etc

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I picked up my car yesteraday from the shop. BUT the spoiler isn't on yet, it need some work to fill the factory mounts and make new ones.... Gonna try top get my exhaust done this week, as well as the window deflectors, and also get the spoiler on. BUT before I get any pictures it has to go to the shop for the shop decals too....

Hopefully next week I'll get some pics. :D So much for an 'inexpensive' car.....

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