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New Avensis 2009


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Has anyone got one yet? I'm changing my company car at some point this year and the new avensis is on our list. Looks like we are getting a good deal as I can get a 150 Tspirit saloon for a very reasonable price. I saw a tourer parked in our local tesco yesterday, looked pretty good

Have had mine now for a week. 1.8 petrol, manual, TR spec, in Tyrol Silver. Upgraded from a 2003 T3-S.

All in all a great car to drive with only one little niggle, namely the doors lock at 13mph but don't unlock when you stop the car meaning I have to manually unlock everytime someone in the back wants out. Dealer informs me there is no way around this, but surely someone on here knows how to turn this off. The EPB takes a little bit of getting used to but after that it's a great job, letting you just put it in gear and drive off as it automatically disengages.

A lot of room in both the front and the back, smooth ride and sticks to the road very well.

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Hi, could you please tell me where the auxilary input for connecting a mp3 player is on the new 2009 TR avensis?


The AUX input and additional cigarette lighter socket are located inside the arm rest. A bit dissappointing as it is only a 2.5mm jack socket which gives no control over my iPod through the stereo.

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