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Celica Rear Light Conversion.....


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Hi guys and girls,

My name is Matt and i work for a company called Rogue Systems Limited, you may have heard of us, you may have not. Anyway we have just purchased this and it will be with us early next year,


We have plans to develop a rear light conversion for the generation 5/6 celica, simular to the one we did for the MR2:

MR2 Rear Lights

We were aproached a while back to develop this product and its always been on the back burner, now we have the car on the way we can finally get started on the project.

I guess i'm here to test the water to see what poeple think to the idea - so please fire away, construtive critism welcome.

The finished product will be made up of an ABS Shell with the LED componant inserts as used in the MR2 kit. For this model of car there shoud be no need for a center pannel (i think!)

If there are any use full articles on the celica that people think might interest me let me know, i only know a little about the car, things like differences between revisions would be helpfull, i want to build up a knowlage of the car before i start the project.

Before i go, does anyone know of any possible competion for this rear light conversion, any products out there or in development?

Thanks in advance.

Matt. :thumbsup:

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Hello mate,

Dont show my face on here much any more but reading your post i thought you might be interested to see this from another site. This is an American site but i believe the bloke developing them is from the UK. To be honest i think these are looking good but the price may be too much for some, anyway , just thought id inform you, good luck i love the MR2 jobbies!!!

Mike :thumbsup:


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I would love to see exactly what you have to offer for the 5th gen Rear cluster change as i aint seen any after market options that i know of...

the one thing i will say is that the price tag of £300 may put a lot of 5th gen owners off as the cars aint worth all that much in the first place...

i.e... i got mine for £2k and with an extra £300 i could have got a car that is a year newer....

Just a thought.. :thumbsup:

but good luck... :yes:

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