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Toyota Sub


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:drool: Hi i read on the dvd post that some of you have the toyota option active sub. wondered if theyre any good?

how big is it and have you the spec, any one? cant see it in the brocher.

im not one for thundering bass that take sup the boot, ( not anymore anyway) just looking for a decent sound from the standard unit?

also if i did decide to change my head unit can i get an adapter so i can still use my steering wheel controls.

cheers fellow yari rollers

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Hi gaz51

Welcome to the club mate :thumbsup: About the Toyota sub. My wife has got one fitted to her Yaris t sport. For the money there not bad just as long as your not looking for earth shattering bass. At the end of the day it's your preference.Now like me I've gone for the earth shattering bass which is installed into the boot :drool:

The Toyota sub woofer fit's nicely under the passengers side seat. Very handy. The best way to describe it. It just fills the car nicely with low level bass. Not in your face like a boot install subs. So if you are after a sub like that i would go for it. And the beauty is it just plugs neatly into your existing head unit.

Now if you change your head unit in time. I really don't know if you will be able to use the steering wheel controls any more. That you would have to find out.


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