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Corolla Gti Brake Pads


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Hi all,


Does anyone know if all the Corolla GTi brake pads are the same size? I know that the Gti from 1987-89 had smaller brake disks than the 89-92 models. I assumed the brake pads would have been different sizes but ive heard that in order to accomadate he bigger size disk the hub may have been drilled differently. Therefore the brake pads are the same size from the early GT models through to the 92 Gti.

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All 88-92 UK spec Corolla's had the same size front and rear brake pad sizes.

When the disc on the front was made larger from 90-92 the hud was altered not the pad at all. :bookworm:

The only time that you will need different front pads is if you have the Corolla super strut front brake setup front a Levin or Trueno GT-Z :eek:



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If the hub has been altered would i be able to put the larger disks onto an early spec car? or would i need to source later spec hubs or adapt them myself?

Im thinking of swapping the early spec disks for later spec disks, until i get the tyres off and have a look i wont know.

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