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Glanza V.


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Glanza V,

will be ready soon, just arrived in the country. bought as a car for my other half...she wasn't impressed.

So now up for sale.


50K miles

Aftermarket strut brace and lightweight bonnet. Has been lowered, 14inch wheels and good potenza's

will be SVA'd and sold with 12mnths MOT, but no tax.

The idea is to get it road legal and serviced before sale, depending on requirements and I can have Alarms and Sounds included.





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well I'm in no rush,

If it was a case of a mnth or 2 we could sort summit out.

If you wanted me fit a cat1 alarm, imob and a tracker for the insurance that would take some time anyway.

Let me know if I can help.


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SVA and MOT now done, now sporting clear side repeaters and the mileage + speedo has been converted to Miles.

The trip there and back show'ed it to be a perfect drive, I can't believe how stable these cars feel at 100mph, very good power in the mid range, I suspect it's a little quiker than it should be.

I'll settle for £6k as it stands or I will crack on and get the sounds/security/service done and put it up for full price in January, so anyone who wants a bargin, get cracking!!


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Now sold. Mark of www.glanza.co.uk fame bought it as it stood. Contact mark if you are interested.

I give Mark 10/10 to deal with, very polite, made every effort to cut a deal that suited both of us. Strongly recomended if you in the market for a Glanza.


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