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Hit And Run

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This morning I was awakened by my telephone at about 9:00, which, for me, is early. I heard someone say that they were the dispatcher for the local police department, and if I could please meet one of their officers by my car. It's parked a distance from my room, as I am a college student here in Indiana, so I ran all the way up to it. I came to find that someone had attempted (very poorly) to parallel park behind me and severly dented my left rear quarter and scraped my bumper beyond repair. Fortunately for myself, a maintenence person had seen the incident, and radioed to the police, giving them the girl's license plate number, as she had driven off after realising what she had done. Now my Seo looks a bit beaten, but I'm sure I'll get plenty of money for the deal considering i have all of her information in a police report. Also, a hit and run is a misdemeanor, and unless she wants me to press charges, she'll compensate me for that as well. Ah, I can hear the rumble of a custom exhaust in my future...

And by the way, where did my account go? I posted almost fourty times I thought and then I couldn't log in!

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Hey, sorry about your account, we had a major loss on the site loosing three months of posts & a fair few members with it!

Sorry to hear about the car, what is it with people & car parks? If they can't park they shouldn't be allowed behind the wheel!!!! :ffs: Hope you get it all sorted out quickly.

Whats on the cards then? Full respray? :D

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I'll probably have to get the car resprayed, which I don't mind considering the huge oxidation that has occured. She was driving a Land Rover Discovery, and if there's one thing I hate more than SUV's is an expensive SUV driven by a little rich girl. And on top of that, she didn't even make an attempt to contact me. I'm going to go to the most expensive bodywork shop in St. Louis and have them give me an estimate and then take it by my normal shop out by my house to get it fixed. Hopefully I'll get enough left over to give me the $200 I need to afford the 2 1/4 inch custom tubing, high flow cat and muffler i'm planning on next. Then I'll be out for some Platinum spark pluks and an MSD Ignition. I prefer to concentrate on power first, as one of my mottos is "why have a car that looks fast if it's not?" Thanks for your sympathy Simon. Sorry to hear about the site. I'm just glad we're all still here.

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Yea I get you on the power front, I keep having bad thoughts about 4EFTE engines.... :D Exhaust should be cool & I've heard good things about the plugs & lead upgrades.

I'd do exactly the same as you & get the most expensive quote ever! If you meet the girl maybe you could explain how she might manage a Geo a bit better than an SUV! :lol:

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