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Alloy Colour?


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Hi guys, just a few opinions needed?

Got my heart set on a set of AWC Hannover's after a little spill which has ruined 2 of my SR alloys. Just the colour choice now? Gold or white?


Both of them are on there ( sorry, don't know how to insert links! )

Any opinions would be great as I am buying them tonight and cannot make my mind up!

Thanks guys!


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that gold is nice as its real dark, i say gold

youll need some good lowerage to make them look real well

If you plump for gold, ity may be a nice idea to get the badges done to match! I have seen gold lexus so some one does 'em.

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I think white on black car!

or black/gunmetal if they do them in that colour!

Yeah, I also think that gunmetal would the first hand choice on a black car if it was available. Bronze would probably look really good too:


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cheers for the opinions guys!

decided on...


i know that more people thought that gold would look the dogs dangleys but i think white would look a lot danglier.

i ordered the wheels, payed and sorted delivery...thought id have a quick look on the net to see if i could get a few pics of white on black car and all i got was reviews of how hard they are to keep clean and that if you dont clean them, they go a dirty colour :o :(

never mind, i think it will be worth it :D

ill try and take some pics before and after and see what you think

cheers for the help guys!


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