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Going Back To A Supra.


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Hi everyone.

I've recently [and foolishly] sold my beloved Lexus GS 300 Sport [Lookalike]. I still don't really know why I did it but it seemed like a good idea at the time. [storys available on LOC under same user name].

As well as my great love of all things Triumph, I also have a great liking for Japanese cars. I've had a pair of Datsun 280ZXs and a pair of nissan 300ZXs amongst various cheap and cheerful sunnys and cherrys but they are a different story. I have also owned a rather gorgeous [even if I do say so myself] D reg Supra.

This [like most of my cars] was an impulse buy. I only owned it for 8 months and sold it [yeh, you guessed it, foolishly] because I was offered another Stag and because my insurance company decided they wouldn't touch it any more because in there eyes it wasn't yet worthy of the classic insurance I had on it. Anyway, back to the plot [and no brackets for a few more lines] im looking now for another car. I was going to buy another 300ZX but i've pretty much set my heart on another Supra. What I would like to know [and I should have said this at the start to save this waffling and bracket use] is how rare is the aero top model ? Not the last shape Twin turbo nutty clean underwear needed after every drive version but the one before it. This is what i would like to get my hands on just to be different. :P

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The aerotop came in import mk3's only. Of which there are two basic aerotop models..

The 'limited' .. avalable as a 3.0GT 'limited' or a 2.5 twin turbo 'limited'. The limited is basically the top model supra and has aerotop and all other goodies as standard (digidash, torsen diff, retractable mirrors, full electric seats, reactive electronic suspension, blah blah)

The base model.. eg GT, turbo, 2.5 twin turbo, none have a particular model name. The aerotop and all other features were available as an option on all base models.. but few have all options fitted so you may get a base model with aero, you may not.

You can get the base model in the 2.0 twin turbo, the 2.5 twin turbo, or the 3.0 turbo.

There are very few of these import cars in the country (were talking less than 15 of each as an estimate, and most of these will be undiscovered).

The hardest one to find, but also the least desireable is the 3.0 GT. The next hardest to find is the 2.0 twin turbo, nice car with a few goodies, but a bit underpowered. The easiest to find (but still damn difficult to come across) is the 2.5 twin turbo. This is the beasty of the group with all the extras (model dependant) and the quickest and best engine of 280bhp. For the sake of argument its a mk4 engine in a mk3 Shell.

So.. if you want an aerotop, and the best mk3 available you want the 2.5tt.. either the base model or the 'limited'.

I can strongly recommend the 2.5tt 'limited' (just as long as you dont do it up better than mine and show me up at shows) :D

If you need anymore info just ask.. i can talk about it all day (much to the delight of the fellow supra owners, eh nick :P )

Oh.. and when yo get one come and join us mkiiisupra.net .. its the UK mk3 group. If you look under 'imports' theres a brief rundown of the 2.0 and 2.5 models.


PS oh, just to add to the confusion.. there is another 2.5tt model..the 2.5tt 'R', but it doesnt have aerotop as it was designed as the 'sporty' trim version of the 2.5tt.

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Phew, cheers Adi. Just catching my breath after all that :P

I didn't know an aero model existed until I came across one with an engine fault for sale a while ago in the auto trader. It said it was 2L twin wind pump but I just assumed it was a mistake and thought it should have been a 3. I never managed to contact the guy. The phone was either engaged or not answered.

Anyway, to my next question. I can't stand not having an opening of some description in the roof [hence one of the reasons for the aero] so did the MK111 come with any factory option sunroofs?

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