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Gt4 Towbar


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i've got one fitted to my gt4 supplied & fitted by tow-B-fabs in hemel hempstead

any chance you could post up a picture or two? not just showing one fitted more showing how they managed it

I'll see what i can do !! the company have their own blue prints as they build to fit only so would not supply one ready built to me to fit myself as they claim they fit & adjust to the car only but they did do a good job.

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This is the tow bar Toyota designed for the ST205 GT Four. I understand they only ever made an initial batch but as they didn't get much demand for them they never made any more. I had a friendly man at Toyota searching parts stores all round the world trying to find one for me without luck.


It took me nearly 5 years but I eventually found a second hand one, here it is ready for a clean up and fitting.


When I eventually get it bolted on I'll post some more pictures.

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off subject a bit but you need to protect the underside of your car. get it up on a ram and get it sanded down and painted and then wax oiled. thats a lot of rust

I thought exactly the same thoughts :huh:

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Sorry for reviving thread but here is the instruction manual for st185 tow bar made by kovil. It's in Swedish and Finnish. It's also not possible to get ahold of this manual anymore which is why I'm posting it


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