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Carina E Squeaky Dash


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Ive noticed in last few weeks that there is the worlds most annoying squeaking coming from the dash. We have removed the dash n put it back again, tried putting something heavy on it while driving, and even hitting it.

Has anyone got any ideas before other half breaks something :help:

Its not just one of the everyday noises, this is ear piercing loud.

Rach x

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To find sounds in cars get a Doctors stephoscope. They can be bought at medical supply stores. A ten doller one works as good as a 500 doller one on cars. Use it to track and pin Point the sound.

Ten dollers is cheap compared to a broken dash. They really do work good.

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It might be coming from where the windscreen meets the top of the dash.

However, do not only assume it is from the dash, my Avensis has a rattly noise that appeared to come from the dash but went away if i pressed on the sunroof - quite odd.

It might also be coming from where the door cards meet the dashboard.

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I recently had a new front windowscreen fitted in my Carina E by Toyota. Whilst driving home from the workshop this irritating squeak began :censor: (especially if driving over small bumps in the road ). Sounded a bit like a knife scrapping on a plate kinda' noise. :ffs: Went back next day and the mechanic came for a drive with me. During the drive he began to remove different parts of the interior - all to no avail. I explained about the new windowscreen and he began to press at intervals around the edges - when pressing the screen behind the rearview mirror the sound stopped!I have not much technical knowledge but they explained that the windowscreen is also held in place by some small 'Clips' and it was one of these that was not attached properly and was rubbing against the glass thus making the screeching noise. They soon fixed it. Maybe one of these clips is loose on your car ? :thumbsup:

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