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Brake Fluid


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i cant propperly remember all the stats and stuff, i could find out, but its all to do with it being hydroscopic ( able to absorb water, essential unless your gonna change your brake fluid all the time) and its wet boiling point( the point the fluid boils at with a certain water content, this is very important in performance applications). im not sure if dot 5's are hydroscopic. only improvement youll see is a firmer pedal.

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Toyota recommends DOT 3, DOT 4 is a reformulated DOT 3 that can withstand greater temperatures before failing and can be mixed or used in place of DOT 3, but it's not recommended. Stay away from DOT 5, it will destroy the seals in your brake system.

As for brand, they all have to meet the minimum recommeded standards and all must list it on the container.

buy the cheapest you can get that has the recommended standard and bleed the brakes every year.

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toy brake fluid is superior

less hygroponic


but seriously, like most toy products, it's been researched and IS superior

notice it comes only in cans...

that's cuz the cheap stuff in plastic bottles is soaking up moisture as it sits there on the shelf !

which then corrodes yer metal brake parts

i'm poor so i buy the cheap stuff and change it hopefully b4 it's dun any damage

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