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I'd be wary about changing brands front/rear as it may upset the handling.

I've used the following

Hankood Ventus - Lethal (and not in a good way) 0/10

Good Year F1s - great tyre 9/10

Uniroyal - okay, but a bit budget 5/10

Toyo Proxies - seem good (been on the car a week)

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On the subject of tyres, I bought my Mr2 with 255/40/17 on the rears and 205/40/17 on the front. havent really gone mad yet to test of stability but ive been told my grip with be shoddy!!

Is this something I should be looking at changing come next balding season?

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goodyear f1 there are two versions knocking around depening on tyre sizes as far as i can see the Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 is one autoexpress tested as the GS-D2 where a bit naff.

If true thats bad news, as last time I checked you couldnt get GS-D3's in the standard 15" format only D2's :angry:

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TBH, I fitted a set of Roadhogs when money was a bit tight (£35.00 per side). I've got to say they're really good for the price, rated up to 150MPH too, so no speed issues). I will be changing them to the same tyre all round when they're dead though, since it's better to stick to same tread type for all four wheels. Just though I'd mention that I;ve had no problems with these far cheaper tyres.

Someone will probably shoot me now......

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I'm just getting two 195/55/15 Goodyear F1's for my front tonight actually :D

Will let you know how they are.

That's the factory reccomended size isn't it!!?? (195/55/15) I just went down and brought 2 Dunlop FM901's in that size for the front....$355.00 nzd's later :( I HATE spending money on maintinance stuff!!

For some reason I thought 205/50/15 was the factory reccomended size??



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Actually, I've got to say, I've had no handling issues whatsoever with the Road Hogs (I too was not entirely sure) THen again I don;t tend to drive the car hard anyway, and then only in a straight line normally. I'd like to think after 6 years I have some idea of how to drive it :)

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