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93 Starting Problem


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intermittantly when i try to start my 93 dx 5 speed the starter sounds fine except for the engine doesn't start. an hour or two later everything works fine again. has anyone had this problem? any info would be appreciated. thanks

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I bought my 93 Corolla (also 5 speed) in May 2003. The person I bought it from told me he had problems starting the car during cold weather. I figured it was just a Battery going bad. However, this was not the case. Just about a month later, after having some difficutly starting the car despite the weather (hot/cold). I went to a junk yard and bought a user starter from another 5 speed Corolla. Have been working fine since.

You can try this when you are having trouble starting the car (assuming that it is in fact the starter that is giving you problems). Take a small hammer, and gently knock on the starter. (put the mechanisms in place) Try to start, if it starts fine -- you may want to replace the starter.

Good luck!

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