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Hi, i thought i'd post herre because more people wil read it.

This is a 2 part question.

1) How do you remove the standard head unit from a 1990 toyota carina II? do i need to remove the whole facia panel to gain access, or is there another way? I need to know how to remove the facia panel anyway for future reference, so informtaion on this would be gratefuly recieved.

2) i am after a very specific head unit. A good friend on mine had one, its a genuine toyota unit, it was fitted to his 1993 Carina GTi as an option i thing (its now in his KM1 MR2 supercharger import). Its a double din but they look seperate (if you know what i mean) the top layer looks like the standard RDS radio/cassete (with logic control deck written on the tape flap) the bottm layer operates the CD changer, skip disk/track and has its own little display etc. Also i am after the CD changer and cable to go with it, so i have the whole set up.

Can anybody shed any light on this? I have a month without work/uni at christmas, so this would be an ideal time to make haste.

Thanks in advance

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