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Yaris Seats......

Lee 1

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There's a few niggling complaints like this m8

a few more of mine are;

electric windows - you can't do the driver window up with one click.. in the same way u can bring it down... and u can't bring the passenger window up or down with a click

no light in the boot

lack of stylish light features, like fading light when u close the door etc etc

all that sort of stuff...

people argue it would have only cost a quid to implement things like this... but over 10,000,000 sales, that's 10,000,000 quid! :D

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Why dont the seats on the Yaris (3 door) have memory on them? This really bugs the :censor: out of me....... :angry: anyone else??

what memory?

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:D I agree with yarisboy but the seats do still do my head in but the thing i hated the most and got rid of the day i got it was the 20ft radio mast on top of the car :D

:thumbsup: I agree i chopped mine down to about 10"


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the passenger seat does have a sort of memory on it but theres a nack to it you sort of have to hold up the handle on the side and then push it lightly back and it should go back???

i find it does sometimes anyway??

most folk who get in my car just shove it back and expect it to do it (well wouldnt you?) and then get annoyed when it dont!

as for the driver side - nope!


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do yo mean memory as in when you pull the seat down to allow the rear ppl out then put the seat back, it returns to its normal position, if so then i dont have that prob with my 5 door

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The 3 doors do have memory, on the passenger seat at least.

To use it you need to slide the lower part of the seat (the bit you plonk your bum on) back first and it will slide all the way back to where it was originally and click into place. Then return the back support to where it came from..hey presto your seat is back where in its original position again.

A lot of people do it the other way round (back support then lower part) which resets the memory.


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Lo guys. Haven't been around for a while. Been fitting my Kenwood M6024 to the Yaris ;) It's pretty good even with stock components.

Anyway, getting back to the topic, my driver's side seat doesn't even move forward when i open it. It tilts the back but then I have to use the rack to move the seat forward manually. Is everyone's yari like mine? :(

Merry xmas all :P


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OK here we go

Driver’s side.......... only the back moves. Push the seat adjust lever forward and the back of the seat will go forward to allow a contortionist into the back. When the lever is released the seat will return to the original position, so it has a kind of memory.

Passenger side... is the same but the whole seat will also slide forward allowing more space for passengers to get into the back, once again putting the lever forward allows the whole seat to slide and tilt.

When you pull the lever BACK towards the rear of the car, this allows the angle of the back rest to be adjusted to user preference.

Hope this helps. :thumbsup:

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