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to get an idea of running costs of Mr2's and celicas Could you please tell me.

when you last had your car it mot'd or serviced what was wrong (if anything) and how much did it cost to put right?



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I've just had the 63,000 miles service done on my Avensis at the local dealers. Price: £165.

That included everything in the service manual apart from:

* New Platinum spark plugs (quoted £60, cost me £36 at halfords)

* New Timing Belt (which has been quoted at £180, gonna have to swallow that one on the next payday, just hope I get my gold membership before that one).

I've now had the car over a year and apart from the expensive servicing, it passed the MOT with flying colours :P (Maybe that had something to do with the car still being under warranty)

I know it's not what you asked for but it should give you a good idea (my partner's Yaris cost the same at the last service as well)

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on the mr2 turbo it was basically an mot, everything gets a check over eg.. brakes, suspension. all the fluid bits and bobs, also oil change, air filter change, oil filter change, the timing belt was adjusted, anti freeze, a lot of bits was carried out not bad i thought for the money.

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