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My New Toy


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Im new proud owner of thsi baby is K reg 1992, done 80,000 miles FSH at Toyota garage, 12 month MOT, Full Black Leather, Fully Loaded with all electrics/immobiliser,

will be changing the alloys tho to 17's, adding nice stainless steel exhaust system, new steering wheel and gearknob and induction kit :P

pick it up on tuesday :D







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Jimlad.. your nob looked well naff when you bought your MR2.

My friends nob in her MR2 lights up when you press a button.

I cant imagine driving with a longer stick.

yeah.. my original nob that was on the car was toss... hence I bought a proper toyota nob for it. It is the longer one tho... may try to scrounge a smaller nob from somewhere.

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If u wanted to get the smaller know from a rev2 is it just the knob but u steal, well the pipe that the cover goes onto (err, calm down son...) I think u all know what i mean, or do u have to get the whole assembly?

I think you can get away with just nabbing the nob.

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I think you need the shaft as well as the knob to acheive an actual short shifter, still very easy to fit.

That what i mean the shaft, i've bought an aftermarket knob that i kinda like


So i'll be looking to get a shorter shaft, ne1 w. one going spare, possibly some1 who's converted to a short shifter setup.

But from the looks of things it's short enuff, go smaller and i won't be able to hold the thing... :unsure:


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None of those look like my knob, I'll get some pics of mine (from UK car) cos it's a toyota one, but I've never seen one like it on any other MR2, and it too is a short shift one.......but it's quite long and thin, as opposed the the one in my Jap car wich is short and fat.....

But the UK car has a much better gearbox, throw between gears is unreal, about 1.5 inch between 1st / 2nd 2nd / 3rd....where as the Jap car seems twice the distance.....

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