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Buying A Carina


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Thank god I found this site

I'm in the market for a cheap reliable run around and have been looking at the Carina series, I have around £800 to spend and would like some suggestions on what to look for when buying a carina, I would in an ideal world like it with all the bells and whistles ie aircon etc, but I would like a nice car that won't let me down

Any suggestions on what to look out for and check and what is a good model etc. Any help would be most grateful and hopefully I can join the vast number of carina owners and join in the banter

thanks in advance

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hi m8 they are a good reliable car and pretty solid only things i found wrong with my 1996 1.8 cdx is the electric window motor regulators tend to fail around the 100000ish mark particuarly the drivers window water pumps are prone to going aswell sometimes little niggly alarm problems but otherwise shouldint let you down ive had my 1.8 for about 8 years its on the 150000 miles mark and still going strong ive only had to replace the normal wear and tear stuff like tyres batteries a ball joint a wheel bearing etc still on original shocks starter altenator back brakes also they are very cheap to buy with all the extras aircon etc just make sure its got service history and the cambelts changes and you should be good let us know what you go for m8 they are very good on the mpg aswell even the 2.0 engines inluding the gt

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