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'78 Celica Engine Swap


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Yeah i have two '78 Celica's both automatic tranny RWD

....one we built up w/ 1jzgte motor & ford 9" rear end full cage and everything its alot of fun dyno at 533hp and as light as 2150lbs. best 1/4 mile time of 11.85 sec. the problem is it's scary as hell to drive & i'm just not ready to drive it full time on the track.

.....So i bought another one and getting the body ready and i want to keep this one simple but upgradible. it comes w/ 20R motor that is dead, so i need to either find a decent swap or rebuild the current motor. wondering is there was any drop in swaps w/ no modifications to the mounts. i was wondering about the 22r or something i prefer to stay N/A on Carberated setup on this one maybe work upto 250-300hp someday. looking more toward autocross on this one

....any info would be nice for my 2nd gen

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The most simple drop in would be an 18R-G, but the most you can get out of it (without making it so fragile its undriveable,) would be around 200 - 220 bhp.

I'm guessing you're in the US, so talk to www.toysport.com for 18R-G information.

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