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My Glanza V

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Hi there,

I have been offered a new intercooler direct from jap-land at a very good price.. Have any of you heard of ARC? It’s not a front mounted one, it’ll be top mounted one like the original one..

I need a new intercooler after my new experiment went very good!! (I have replaced the original turbo with one from a Celica GT4..) I had her on a rolling road and I had her confirmed at 161BHP (So fare).

As this is my first post, here is my spec list:

- Celica GT4 Turbo

- (Currently on route from Japan) ARC intercooler to replace original

- Aftermarket strut-brace, front and rear

- Blitz T-Timer

- Jap style Blow off/Dump valve

- APEX-i full stainless stele exhaust system

- Momo steering wheel and Gear knob

- No stereo yet.. (at all – I just can’t get enough of that dump valve sound!) :)

So what should I do about the ARC intercooler..? Should I fir it or sell it?


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drive your car to work on friday, saturday fit the cooler, go for a drive on sunday, possibly sat after noon deicde to keep it, and if not keep it fit the orig back (ready for monday)

remember to do everything you will do in the car, give it a thrashing, see if it makes a big dif or not, and when the turbo spools (you should hear it)

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If it doesn't cost you much then get it. However, if it is a top mount like the original one and size wise, not any bigger, then i will say it would improve the performance. You will also have to look at the number of fins per inch and compare with the original one.

Whatever the case, it should just look enough good on your car and on your modification list :D


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Pete, these intercoolers are better then the stock top mount intercooler but are no way naer as good as a front mount intercooler as when in traffic they suffer from lots of heat soak from the engine. It all depends on how much you are paying for it??

Have you used a different manifold to fit your celica turbo?


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i have a pic of the top mounted intercooler..... is it the standard one with the black top removed..??!! i got it in from japland like this and i am getting nervous that it isnt an aftermarket one.....

The pic is to big... but i'll mail anyone!


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