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Hi all.

I've finally got my MR2 turbo :D

It's a M reg rev3 qith 67k on the clock and well looked after.

Thing is though, it's got a bleed valve on it. It's opened up at the minute and goes like poo from a ****ty stick! I closed the valve yesterday and you can really tell the difference. However, I don't want to run it open if it's gonna cause any damage to my engine.


1) Does the car run at 13psi standard?

2) Does the ECU cut fuel if boost rises above 17psi?

3) Is it relatively safe to run the bleed valve open, as long as Q2. is right?

Also, is an Apexi boost controller the best way to go to controllong boost in-car?

I'm going to Fensport on Saturday as well to see what they say.



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Congratulations m8! :thumbsup:

Yep rev3 is 13psi standard and fuel cut should be at 18psi. Im not sure here about bleed valves but I think the Grainger unit is better. Bibbs has one he should be able to answer that for you.

One thing m8 did you find out if the 60k service had been carried out on it? Timing belt will need a change(should ave been done) and clutch will probably at about 70k odd especially if the previous owner has been running high boost clutch dumps(and you know he will have) expensive stuff. Not tryin to worry you or anything m8 but just gotta be careful its tempting to mod but only if the car is running perfect.

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Yes, the belt has been done, Mobil 1 change every 3k etc, it's been well looked after. Clutch seems 100% to be honest. In fact it's quite sharp which might suggest that it's not the original anyway?

Just a bit concerned about the boost to be honest. I don't want to be risking my engine.

And does anyone know about the Apexi boost controller?

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