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err... not introduced myself in a forum before...muttering...

I am Simon (bet you'd never have guessed that from my forum name). I don't own a Toyota yet, but as my third child in imminent and the other two still in car seats I am now in people carrier teritory. I have joined the group because I want first hand opions about the Estima MPV. I would like to know what the pit falls are in purchasing one (in the hope I will avoid most of them), what to watch out for at first signs of trouble. I would also like to hear from you if you use biodiesel or veg oil.

Thats enough from me for now. I shall go and have a look in the forum.

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If there overheating avoid them! Ask if head gasket has ever been done and if yes what else was done. Also majorly it depends on what engine you be intrested in by question about bio and veg oil i persume a diesel so both points relevant.

Generally only engine issues are head gskts and these are usually caused by blocked radiators but heads can be scrap when they go as tendency to crack or warp.

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