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British Toyota Paseo Performance

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This is a BIG call to ALL paseo owners in Britian. I don`t know about anyone else but I`m having a LOT of trouble finding performance parts for holly (my car).

Have just bought a HKS turbo kit from x-racing in Australia. Having problems fitting it though. Main problem is that there`s little space to fit it in the engine!! Secondly, I will probably have to buy a bonnet scoop for increased air induction. Thirdly, the front mounted intercooler will have to be shifted to infront of the radiator, as there is no space on top. Also, will have to buy silicon pipes to aid the move with the intercooler.

Basically, ALL i want to know is, Can a tubo kit be fitted to the british model of paseo???

Grateful if anyone can get back to me on this.

Cheers dudes


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Welcome to the TOC. I've entertained the option of turboing my Seo (it's a 2G) and was told that I'd have to fit some custom tubing and remove my radiator in order to have proper fitment of the intercooler. Also, since the British model Paseo/Cynos and the rest of the world's model are the same, there'll be no conflict in getting parts from other countries to fit.

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Its a second gen kit. From the design specs I`ve found, the british model does 90 bhp@5400rpm whereas the american/japanese models can get alot more torque out of theirs!!

managed to get soem NKS Platimum sparkies for her the other day. Gonna wait until the next service then fit it, with a timing belt also.ave

Anyone any idea where i can get myself a modified ECU, or know someonwe who would modify the current ECU in the UK?? Any idea`s about the cost as well?



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Some Jap spec cars have the 5E-FHE which has larger injectors, different cams & ecu and a higher compression ratio. Many paseos have the 5E-FE engine.

For normally aspirated tuning its quite expensive for comparatively little gain. The 4E-FTE engine can be fitted and these respond much better to tuning than the 5E engine.

I swapped engines with my Sera (from 5E-FHE) It works well and I am more than pleased.

I had to put a bonnet vent in to feed the intercooler , although some have relocated the IC to the front bumper - which means less bodywork, although it does mean making new pipework which many think is easier.

I would recommend anyone thinking of spending money tuning their car to put the money aside for a turbo conversion. This engine can then be tuned further if required.

If anyone is in the Norwich area and wants to try my Sera to see what a Paseo may perform like, please let me know. I'd quite like to try out a Paseo myself.

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