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Cant Get 18 Inch Rims On Auris Tr


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You should look to keep the overall tyre diameter within 2% of standard when fitting new wheels.

So you can fit bigger wheels providing you reduce the tyre profile accordingly. If you look at a car with 16" wheels then imagine how low the profile would be if the wheels were 2" larger. You'll find that tyres, if you can get them in the size you need, will be very expensive, and the ride will be very hard indeed.

Personally I think they'll probably end up looking like cart wheels. ;)

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On 5/10/2016 at 3:43 PM, Steveo94 said:

I've got 18 inch Lexus wheels on my no problem 

8 minutes ago, Michaelmalta said:

Did you lower your springs on this just asking if you have to lower them or not the springs


The topic dates back to 2008, and the member you asked the question of hasn't visited Toyota Owners Club since 2016, so is unlikely to reply.

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