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2000 Camry Question


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I'm new here so I figured I'd post my question.

I have a 2000 Camry CE w/ 41,000 miles. I just got it about a month ago

I live in Chicago, so my car sits on the street all night. It's starting to get colder out and I've noticed that after a cold start it idles around 2000 or so. Problem is, When i shift into reverse or drive, I feel quite a bit of vibration in the steering wheel. As the engine warms up while i'm driving, the vibration starts going away, but I can still feel it a little when I'm idling at a stop light or stopped. If i shift to neutral, it seems to go away.

I took it to the dealer, and they weren't able to reproduce the vibration (I'm guessing they weren't able to get a cold start). They did, however, say that one of my engine mounts was bad and it wasn't covered by the powertrain warranty for whatever reason. Is the engine mount likely causing my problem? Is the high idle during a cold start (in cold outdoor temps) normal? And finally, what level of vibration is normal when idling while in drive or reverse?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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When it is doing this, whilst idling, press the glass on your sunroof if it has one and see if it stops, I know it seems totally un-related but I found this caused similar problems to what your experiencing in my Avensis.

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motor mount is what is was thinking reading the post. Next time it is cold out, pop the motor hood, then get in and start the car. Watch the motor.

If a mount is bad or going the motor will rock back and forth in the bay. If the motor rock seems to be in the same time as the shake, then you found the problem.

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I believe the motor mount is a side effect of a tune-up or sensor problem causing the engine to run rough,(giving you the vibration).Even with a bad mount, if the engine is running properly there is no vibration.

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