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Limiter On Yaris 1.0


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Better to push throught the gears, and get the RPM up before changes, than to change at low revs and have the engine flounder, better Economy too.

Message is you can rev it, and have fun...but don't rev the b:censor:ks off it every two mins.

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on all VVTI engines.

they are designed to be rev'ed to the red line i.e about 6000 rpm.....

so wether its the 1.0 or the 1.5 t sport....rev away.....

just make sure you DO get the service done and the oil change.. as thats going to naker the car if you rev it......

(on the celica t sport it revs to 9000.......and you have to rev hard to get the extra power)

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you will need to remap the ECU which means bye bye warraunty (if your cars still under it) and not sure who if anyone does a remapped chip for a yaris.

as far as i was told: no one in europe has been able to remap the original ecu. as a matter of fact, even the tte guys in cologne )after all the official toyota sports dept) are able to do it. They have an extra ecu for the compressor which is kind of constantly "fighting" against the commands of the main ecu...

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