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New member here, great site. Have 01 Avensis 1.6 VVTi. Compared to the older model I had this one has been nothing but a nightmare reliability wise. Anyway hope someone can answer the following for me.

How much extra grunt will a K&N filter alone give and can it just be installed without any other adjustments. Would this affect emissions on NCT test, (Irish equivalent of MOT).

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What problems have you had with your VVT-I ??

I take it all issues were dealt with under warranty....

I have 1.8 VVT-I & have had no mechanical ( he says touchin wood ) problems.............only rattles.

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Thanks for your reply, a certain motor factors over here reckoned between 5 and 10 bhp + better fuel economy.

Bunch of *****.

The filter+a superchip+a straight throu exhaust=8bhp

Goes like stink tho :thumbsup:

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Had a 98 model previous (1.6 leanburn), best car I ever had, not even a puncture. My wife has a 01 Yaris for the last 12 months, no problems. This 01 Avensis has had the following list in the last 7 months.

1. Put set of Artec alloys on (had them on origional car) but dealer forgot to put plastic spacers behind wheel. Gave nice wobble in steering between 60 and 70 mph, took them 6 weeks to find replacements.

2. As part of deal got dealer to install set of front fogs. These kept blowing fuses due to wiring fault. Both these problems can be put down to crappy dealer.

3. Major fault was having to put 1 litre of oil into engine after approx 3k miles. No leaks but dealer said this has been a problem with some of these engines, they burn oil due to faulty gaskets. It spend 2 days in garage having engine stripped down to have the gasket replaced.

4. Steering, still have problem here with 'grinding noise' only when the steering is under heavy load ????? At this stage I'm just going to get them to replace the steering rack before warranty runs out, it has been back with 2 different dealers 5 times for this problem but no one can find what it is.

Everything so far has been done under warranty.

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So then lads and lasses! Is it worth chipping the car or not? I've mentioned it before, but I suppose for some it really has to be worth spending the money. The other thing is finding a good garage to do the final install tune up properly. And i'm talking real engineers here, not 18 year olds who call themselves motor vehicle engineers!

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