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Advanced Again!


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I was advanced once  :crybaby:

What do you mean WAS?


Coyote from BA


I had 600 or soemthing posts.. all lost when the system died.. most of them were when I used to be freindly and helpfull too :lol:

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it would apear so :rolleyes:

I mistokk this place as a place where freedom of speech was allowed :thumbsup:

At least could you read it? what I posted?

if not dont worry.

I refuse t think things have changed. Im an Admin too, so sometimes situations start to run like wild horses to everywhere, and I have to floor the brakes to a full stop. And it may seem condecendient my comments, but I think moderators are trying to do that, make the rules a little bit harder to release the preassure. Then when the situations are calm again, the things will be like U say it used to be. That is my opinion. ( that's what I would do).

So, dont think that the thing is being watched to censor ppl..

Cheers mate!

Coyote from BA


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