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Reg Plate Holder For Imports


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I have all the bits to fix my car properly now :thumbsup:

Except, im missing a holder for the number plate, I got it in the post this morning, but its just the plate, nothing else, and my front end has two screws coming from it, directly next to which is two little holes.

Now where do I get whatever it is I need to get :lol: all I know is I used to have a black plastic holder, but thats been binned by the sprayer (it was wrecked anyway)

Thanks :hokus-pokus:

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The best holder to get is a UK spec plate holder. It will hold a UK plate on the front just fine, the holes will align with what you already have in the front bumper. The added advantage is that the UK plate won't risk obscuring the radiator unlike the square import plate.

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