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Are All T50 Gearbox Same?


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Hi guys

AE86 gerbox is model T50 - using A type bell housing.

Local Corona and Cressida from the 80s also RWD and is also using T50 - but T type bell housing.

Yesterday I change my AE86 gearbox to a local corona gearbox. Since Internet orang cakap both is T50 - only difference is bell housing.

Really wor :) it bolts on exactly. Gear ratio also 100% same :) lucky lah.

But this gearbox - got some sound, like gears loose, scary lah :(

I'm wondering also those local T50 for carburetor 1.6 and 1.8 only have 80bhp vs. 140 bhp of 4AG, so are the internals same?

Can the local T50 take the 140bhp of silvertop???

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