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£600 To Spend On Engine Tuning


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Right, I've got £600 to spend on tuning my engine.

This is the current spec:

Full Powerflow exhaust with de-cat

HKS panel filter and cold air feed

Bleed valve <_<

Blitz turbo timer

Now, I was going to spend all of the money on getting a decent intercooler, but I think there's better ways to spend the money at the minute. Here's the options:

1) GReddy or HKS intercooler


2) Apexi AVC-R and HKS BOV

Think I'm gonna go for the second lot.

What do you lot think?


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The AVCR's are not really rated in this country - not many tuners and can't go that far with them.

HKS BOV? What type? The SSQV?

£600 .. hmm, that's a telly and xbox for the car.

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Yea the SSQV, that's what Fensport recommended between that and the Blitz.

I quite like the AVC-R. Quite a few people have rated them well, and I know they aren't as good as some products which can use laptops etc to fine tune them, but I do like the idea of having control over things mself quickly and easily and I can monitor what's happening. The display will also look nice in place of the ashtray :D

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I'm not 100% sure to be honest.

The reason why the AVC appealed to me is because if I drive into work I have to cover 30 miles each way. So if I had the AVC I can always put it back to stock boost to save petrol, because it's a crap drive riddled with traffic anyway.


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