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Toyota Prices


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Why are parts at these places sooooooooooo expensive :ffs: I mean for example

(all prices are parts for a mk1 mr2)

front bumper £194.99

Rear bumper £192.78

Rear bumper absorber £83.64

bumper reinforcer £132.53

Ok I think the reienforcer is pretty much nedded but the cost to get all of these in would come to an amazingly low price of £709.63!!!!!!

Do they know they are taking the *****

Toyotas are very good cars and last forever if you treat them right, but if you are like me, and buy a crap one because I am to thick to check these things, buying parts can be a bit of a finacial nightmare, for stuff like the reinforcer and absorber you should only buy new and not second hand and I think Toyota know this so they put crazy price tags on them. Anyhoooo thats my moan for the day and I'll climb off my soap box.

If any one can help me I would love it cheers.(don't say loans please Trying to pay off my last one, but thats another story)

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You could buy another Mk1 for that.......the last one I bought was only £1200 for a G-plate t-bar....

Don't know what to suggest short of buying an MOT failure for next to nothing a scavenging all the bit's that you want........I should imagine that breakers yards will charge a premium too for bits.. :(

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Whoops - you can pick up a Mk II for that!! Now don't do it again!! TBH, by making mistakes like these is the only way you learn. I've been close to being stung before - in my younger, more innocent days.

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Yeah I know, its the only way I will learn!

But here this my mission is to make this baby like new. Starting from next year I am doing an intensive restoration project, will probably take a year, and the car will be off the road for most of it ,but in the end it will be worth it .

So expect a couple of hundred questions coming soon, cause I have no car mechanical knowledge,

First on the list is a haynes manual, Do they only do the U.S version or is a U.K version out

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Taking in mind I was drugged and ****** at the same time underhipnotic stupidness £2500 :help:


Well, to make you feel better I paid £3250 for a Mk1 Revision 1 C-plate car in 1993 !!

And it had 97k on it :crybaby:

Although it had to be said I never had a problem with it ! and ran it for 3 years with no probs ......and still got 2500 back for it in p/x on a GT4 in 1996..

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