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Door Speakers


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alpine sxs1757's

ill get the temp as soon as i can i need to reload autocad onto my computer cos thats what i designed them on but i can mail you a full size picture and then just pin it down and jig it out

i actually CNC machined mine out of MDF at work!


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so after drilling the rivits out do i just put the new ones in?

yup, i used 5mm nut and nylon bolt.

what are nylon bolts? can I not use normal bolts, so Im assuming I still keep the black plastic bit arround the speaker just change the speaker

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I can get any software (yes). are the nylon nuts black or blue and it looks like there is a washer stuck to it

they normally look like a normal nut with a blue nylon thread on the inside, don't think you have to use them. I only used them because i have loads lying around and they are less likely to work themselves lose due to vibrations etc.

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