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hello , just thought id say hello , 3 weeks ago i got an 06 t sport compressor in silver steel with (at the time) 109 miles on the clock , signed up for the usual reasons although at the minute theres been no major problems , none at all in fact , anyways , i'm Stephen , am 25 and am a electrical foreman, owned an 06 mk4 Ibiza in ovni yellow before this current stead , with the usual bits done along with a few special mods such as FMIC , quaife diff , 312mm brake kit ,and defi gauges ,

started looking at compressors after the recommendation of a friend who has a face lifted rolla T sport ( a member on here IIRC- L12NTY ?), missed out on a couple of cars until all the parts fell into place and this one came available .

any hows thats it from me , so il let a few pics do the talking

thanks for reading


PS pics were mostly taken after I assisted 2 friends in detailing the car for a weekend , had the usual poor dealer wash techniques trademarks









this Pic was taken last saturday at a rolling road day . with 1150miles on the clock the car recorded 117.9 and 184.3lbft of torque ( little touch of cvl turbo added to keep det at bay)


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Hi Stephen

Hello and welcome to the club :thumbsup: Very nice car you have brought there mate. Hope that you have many happy day's with your compressor mate. Hope you like the site too mate. Stick around and you will find that's it's a cool place to hang out.


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